10 Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About EXAMS EXAMSOFT

Did you know there are 10 Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew about EXAMS EXAMSOFT? They include the Discrimination index, Security breach, and Point biserial correlation. Listen to find out more. This podcast is produced by ExamSoft Worldwide LLC. The content is protected by US, international, and trademark laws.

10 Interesting facts you may not have known about EXAMS EXAMSOFT

If you’ve ever taken an exam on a laptop, then you’ve probably heard about ExamSoft. It is a powerful software solution that can help you deliver reliable and secure exams. It has numerous features that make it unique from other exam solutions.

Security breach

Recently, there were concerns raised about a security breach involving EXAMSEXAMSoft. Users had reported that their passwords were compromised and personal information was being used fraudulently. Some users asked the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office to investigate. They also questioned whether the company’s assurances that their data would be secure were misleading or unfair.

ExamSoft has faced criticism for its security practices and continues to deny responsibility for the breach. In October, the company’s customer support lines were backed up by long hold times. In February, it was still experiencing tech issues. One participant, Liz Gil, experienced intermittent screen-flashing and had to try multiple times to upload her video file. Moreover, ExamSoft has been plagued with other issues, including forced shutdowns and compromised passwords.

There have been multiple reports of data breaches. ExamSoft recently suffered a DDoS attack during the online bar exam administration in Michigan. The company claims that it was a DDOS attack, but says that the security breach affected only the login process. Nonetheless, Michigan bar exam applicants were able to take the exam on July 28.

Point biserial correlation

Point biserial correlation (PBC) is a measure of item reliability. It measures how well a question correlates to an overall test score. When the PBC is high, the item is considered to be reliable. If the PBC is low, the item is not reliable. When the PBC is high, the question is too easy.

A point-biserial is a correlation coefficient between a question’s correct and incorrect answers. It’s based on the number of examinees who answer an item correctly and incorrectly. It ranges from -1.0 to one.00. High-performing students are higher in this metric than low-performing students, so a high PBC is a good indicator.

In SPSS Statistics version 26, you can run a point-biserial correlation. To do this, check the Pearson checkbox in the -Correlation Coefficients area.

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